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Media and data
Dates and designs could be delivered on 3.5 inch diskette, CD or by e-mail. For delivery by e-mail the files should be compressed with WinZip or Stuffit. At that way they are also protected.

If layouts, databases and photographs according to above specifications not could delivered at that way Tarjetacard should modify the data. That will cost the standard rate per hour.

We are not responsible for changes or mistakes in the delivered data or lay-outs.

Data archive
The data we conceive will be saved in a database. The send data will be stored by us in a database included the associated photographs and several card lay-outs. At that way all personal data is still available if they should be reprinted (under the conditions).The dates, designs and a backup are stored at a safe place and are our property.

The data will never used for other targets then indicated in the offer. Tarjetacard doesn't supply personal data, passport photos, designs or other data to other persons then constituents.

Conditions for delivering of passport photos
How to deliver the passport photos:
1.      You send us the passport photos digital (by e-mail)
2.      You send the passport photos per post. Tarjetacard will make the photos digital against our prices per hour.

Passport photos can be delivered digitally when they are one of the following types of files: JPEG bitmap (.jpg), Compuserve Bitmap (.gif), Windows Bitmap (.bmp) of TIFF Bitmap (.tif). For each file a resolution of 300 dpi must be apprehended. Our preference goes to .jpg because of its good results and because most digital cameras are working with it.

With digital send passport photos it is important that each photo has a own name or number (max. 8 characters) that corresponds with the picture field in the database record. Passport photos and signatures should be added in a separated directory.

If you send us passport photos per post we will make the photos digital. On the backside of the photo there has to be written a name or number because we have to know which name from the database should be connected to the photo. If there are also signatures it is important that the photos and signatures will be delivered on a standard form.

Conditions for delivering of signatures
There are several possibilities to send us the signatures:
1.      All signatures will be delivered digitally to Tarjetacard.. They will be printed on the plastic card.
2.      All signatures will be delivered on a standard form to Tarjetacard. We will make them digital so we can print them on the plastic cards.
3.      The plastic cards gets a signature field. The owner of the card could write this signature to the card with a pen.

Conditions 3
Conditions for delivering